My Favourite Things About Autumn

October 31, 2016

I am a tad late with the nature of this post because we're towards the end of Autumn now, but hey ho why not write a post about it on Halloween for extra effect? So autumn is pretty much my favourite season of the year (isn't it everyone's tbh) there's such a warm cosy thought when you think about the autumn months, Am I right? I love when the usual walk to Uni is a red, orange and gold carpet of fallen leaves, I'm such a sap (leave me be) I enjoy every aspect about the season, so here's a few things I'm sure you'll agree are top notch at this time of the year.

1. The Golden Glow - Everything seems more appealing in the Autumn months due to the fallen leaves making your average city (like Leeds) look above average, I mean why invest £165 million into a new shopping centre here (which we don't need) when you can cover everything in autumnal leaves? Genius 

2. Getting Cosy - Now its pretty much common sense it gets colder in Autumn, but the point I'm making is the weather changes gives you a perfect excuse to stay in and get cosy under a number of blankets and duvets after a long day in the cold (AKA a 1 hour lecture and a workshop, but shh!)

3. Halloween Movies - It's pretty self explanatory movies with a Halloween story line, the type of movies I get incredibly excited about watching (ploughing through this as we speak so I can watch one) I mean they're all children's films when I think specifically like Hocus Pocus (I watch this all year around its so good) or any of the Halloween Towns, if you haven't watched those I suggest you do!!!

4. Wrapping Up Warm - There's nothing I like more than wearing a coat and wrapping up warm daily, a big sheepskin coat? throw it my way. A jumper that weighs about 2 stone? Hand it over.

5. Orange/Red/Gold Make Up - Now this is one of the make up looks I can do quite well (so I'd say) it consists of my favourite colours and it makes me look like fallen leaves and glowy, WINNING. There's a picture above for you to judge whether it is actually done well.

6. Candles - So cliche but I love a good candle, nothing fancy really a Wilkos tealight in a yogurt jar (pictured above) will do me just fine - I am a student after all

7. Hot Drinks - This may sound cliche again but I love a hot drink all year around but autumn is the point in the year when its actually acceptable to drink them every hour or so what more could you want? (I really dislike this Pumpkin Latte everyone seems to love however) TEA 4 LIFE

So there we have it, some stuff I like about autumn, If you read to the bottom of this you are AMAZING!!! Thank you very much for reading this U RULE x

Student Life

My First Month at Uni

October 18, 2016

During my first month at university I have learnt quite a few things about this northern city, the main being that its actually quite a beautiful place when you look past all the leery drunk people and terrible clubs... and there's a fair share of both of those here let me tell you. Just before I came to uni I was frantically searching google for some sort of information about this place I would be spending the next 4 years of my life in, possibly even more? So I have put together some general thoughts about the place, enjoy!

Education First and Foremost... 

I mean this is the reason I have moved away after all... So my campus is actually a pretty beautiful place which makes the £9,000 a year price tag sting a little less, only a little. Its situated 10 minutes away from my house so I can't really complain when it comes to travelling about as I don't need to get on any of the god awful buses here (we will get onto that later). I am currently studying Events Management, arguably to some this isn't a real degree, but I'll be the judge of that. Its safe to say I had no idea what my lecturers were saying in the first week and I questioned all my life decisions that had got me this far, but things are improving luckily. Overall the course I am doing is right up my street, Headingley campus is beautiful, life is good, what more can I want? 


So on the second week my course was taken on a 5 day residential to Ambleside (the Lake District) so that we could make some friends, which I personally needed at this point. I went here ill and left the trip early even worse but I made the loveliest friends (pictured above) in my 3 days here. The one activity I actually did was hiking, right at the top of one of the 'mountains' (the instructor was calling this bad boys hills???) was where the picture above was taken, an overly excited me took around 15 pictures of the cows we found up there. So all in all if your university offers a residential, definitely go it was so worth the few days I was there for, but then maybe if you've had enough of it book your train tickets home and potentially cause trouble for yourself...

Shopping centres galore...

So according to google there are 16 shopping centres in Leeds, part of the reason I love this place so much any shop or restaurant you could possibly think of, you name it they have it (apart from taco bell... sort it out Leeds)!!! A much better variety as oppose to the 1 and 1/2 shopping centres we have at home (let's face it Broadmarsh doesn't qualify as a full shopping centre) Not much more can be said, its amazing, moving on... For the first time ever I'm excited to spend my money on other people when Christmas shopping, am I OK?

Northern Weather...

Contrary to popular belief the weather 'up north' isn't half as bad as its made out to be... I say after using a picture of the most miserable day I've experienced here. It's October, we live in the UK the weather is pretty tragic everywhere by this point. I may be going back on what I say here in a few months after experiencing supposedly 'the worst winter in 50 years'... god help us


Would this really be a first month at uni post without any mention of nightlife? Probably not. So as previously mentioned there is a strong divide of good and completely terrible clubs here, sadly most of the freshers events are in the terrible places. Nonetheless I still attended them and met some lovely people who shared a similar dislike for the place, success? One of the best events I attended was an event held at the Uni of's union (as a Beckett gal I was on forbidden territory so it seems). This event was almost like an indoor festival with a large variety of music in different rooms, my personal favourite being the 'jungle room' (pictured above, I mean whats not to love about a gigantic jungle before your very (glazed over) eyes? 

Thank you very much for reading this U RULE x

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