My Favourite Things About Autumn

October 31, 2016

I am a tad late with the nature of this post because we're towards the end of Autumn now, but hey ho why not write a post about it on Halloween for extra effect? So autumn is pretty much my favourite season of the year (isn't it everyone's tbh) there's such a warm cosy thought when you think about the autumn months, Am I right? I love when the usual walk to Uni is a red, orange and gold carpet of fallen leaves, I'm such a sap (leave me be) I enjoy every aspect about the season, so here's a few things I'm sure you'll agree are top notch at this time of the year.

1. The Golden Glow - Everything seems more appealing in the Autumn months due to the fallen leaves making your average city (like Leeds) look above average, I mean why invest £165 million into a new shopping centre here (which we don't need) when you can cover everything in autumnal leaves? Genius 

2. Getting Cosy - Now its pretty much common sense it gets colder in Autumn, but the point I'm making is the weather changes gives you a perfect excuse to stay in and get cosy under a number of blankets and duvets after a long day in the cold (AKA a 1 hour lecture and a workshop, but shh!)

3. Halloween Movies - It's pretty self explanatory movies with a Halloween story line, the type of movies I get incredibly excited about watching (ploughing through this as we speak so I can watch one) I mean they're all children's films when I think specifically like Hocus Pocus (I watch this all year around its so good) or any of the Halloween Towns, if you haven't watched those I suggest you do!!!

4. Wrapping Up Warm - There's nothing I like more than wearing a coat and wrapping up warm daily, a big sheepskin coat? throw it my way. A jumper that weighs about 2 stone? Hand it over.

5. Orange/Red/Gold Make Up - Now this is one of the make up looks I can do quite well (so I'd say) it consists of my favourite colours and it makes me look like fallen leaves and glowy, WINNING. There's a picture above for you to judge whether it is actually done well.

6. Candles - So cliche but I love a good candle, nothing fancy really a Wilkos tealight in a yogurt jar (pictured above) will do me just fine - I am a student after all

7. Hot Drinks - This may sound cliche again but I love a hot drink all year around but autumn is the point in the year when its actually acceptable to drink them every hour or so what more could you want? (I really dislike this Pumpkin Latte everyone seems to love however) TEA 4 LIFE

So there we have it, some stuff I like about autumn, If you read to the bottom of this you are AMAZING!!! Thank you very much for reading this U RULE x

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